Rebecca Guerra
Rebecca Guerra


Creative yet resourceful. Innovative and collaborative. Production consulting for brands, agencies, and worthy causes.


Rebecca Guerra

I studied advertising and business at the University of Texas at Austin. My career began managing regional clients and doing everything from account services to media buying to public relations along with learning the do's and don'ts from an advertising veteran. I stepped up to the national level a few years later working on numerous blue chip accounts at large independent and corporate advertising agencies. Eventually, I made the transition from account services to production at the encouragement of the creative directors on my team.

My production approach—no matter the medium—is to explore every option available to BEST bring the idea to life. I love collaborating with the key team members from all sides. Ultimately, it's about telling a great story that makes the brand memorable.

I balance my day job with personal travel, nature walks, Pilates or Barre classes, foodie-style cooking w/friends, movies and documentaries, of course, and most importantly, quality time with God and my family.

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